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Zac Efron #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012

The heartthrob is in Manila for the first time to meet his fans, after some downtime in Misibis Bay Resorts in Bicol. RAPPLER's Kai Magsanoc gives us updates from the SM Mall of Asia Arena.

  • A medley of songs from
    Jay-R. He is now performing "Without You." It's like a concert here, folks!

  • Jay-R ends his song number. A short video message from Mario followed. #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • #Penshoppe brand director Alex Mendoza thanks fans for the year of stars #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • "We're All in This Together" from HSM now being played. Cheerdancers on stage.
  • The UP pep squad performs to HSM songs #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • Here comes @ZacEfron! #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • Hello, @ZacEfron! #penshoppefancon2012

  • Boy Abunda hosts the interview part. He calls himself an "Efron-ite."
  • Zac throws away his Penshoppe jacket

  • My favorite food now is balut. - Zac
  • The Filipino people are so amazing. You make me feel so at home I wanna move here! - Zac
  • Zac's father, David, was traveling to the Philippines a lot when he was a kid.
  • I was a prankster when I was a kid. I used to make toilet paper houses. - Zac
  • I think she's Pinoy. She might be out here somewhere. - Zac on his type of girl
  • For the role of Troy Bolton in HSM, Zac says he had a theater-like audition. "I met Vanessa right away... my FIRST Filipino girlfriend."
  • Vanessa and I clicked right away... At the end of the day, it was just me and Vanessa left. - Zac
  • My favorite song is "Hotel California." - Zac
  • "Start of Something New" was played here, and Zac's Filipino fans started singing.
  • That was amazing, guys. Thank you. - Zac to his fans
  • I just suddenly had a crush on Vanessa. I was nervous. I didn't know what I was doing. - Zac on HSM
  • For "Hairspray" I watched a lot of Elvis and watched the musical over and over again. I had to get those dance moves. - Zac
  • She turned out to be one of the most lovely women I've ever met. - Zac on Michelle Pfeifer in "New Year's Eve"
  • "You should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute." - Zac's fave line in "The Lucky One"
  • I don't know. Yeah, maybe my wife's in here somewhere... Yup, I'm thinking about marriage. - Zac on turning 25 on Oct. 18
  • I love my work but the most imp't thing in the world is my fans. - Zac
  • I love the Philippines. - Zac on describing himself in 4 words
  • I love you back! - Zac to his fans in the bleachers who shouted "We love you, Zac!"
  • Pretty laid back. I like retro stuff, stuff from the '50s, James Dean. Sometimes I like suits. - Zac
  • Zac's fave book: Lord of the Rings
  • Zac's biggest influence: Paul Newman, Leo diCaprio, Cary Grant
  • Andi Manzano co-facilitates the Q&A with fans, along with MJ Felipe

  • A fan tells Zac: "You are my first love!" #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • 13-year-old fan goes, "Can I hug you?" Zac says, "Come backstage so I can hug you."#PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • A girl holds a sign that says, "Can I touch your butt?" Lol #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 @rapplerdotcom

  • You guys have made this a night I will never forget. Thank you. - Zac
  • Q&A with Zac is now finished :(

  • Zac takes a video of the crowd here with his iPhone

  • @mark_dy of Manila Bulletin here with me

  • The 100 fans who won the chance to meet-and-greet Zac are now going up the stage in batches. It's more like a hug-and-kiss!
  • We have more videos and pics that we will post ASAP. Keep posted for them! :)
  • A fan gets a kiss from Zac #wishthatwereme

  • Even Alex Mendoza has fans now :)

  • Big smile from Zac for his fans

  • The crowd isn't ready to leave just yet. Can't blame them.

  • Zac has left the stage. This ends my live blog tonight.

  • Remember to tag @rapplerdotcom and @kaimagsanoc when you tweet photos from tonight, guys! We wanna see what your Zac Efron experience was like!
  • Thank you for joining us tonight, guys. Stay with us for the vids and other pics. This is Kai Magsanoc, Rappler, signing out!
  • AS IT HAPPENED: Zac Efron #PENSHOPPEFanCon2012 via @rapplerdotcom
  • Nice. #unionjack #UJ #bag #backpack #UK

  • Had to bid the #Jaguar goodnight. This is #ZacEfron's official vehicle in #Manila. @marcsoong @hailtothe_kin

  • My and @VoltaireTupaz's survival drinks @rapplerdotcom

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