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#UAAP75 Finals: ADMU vs UST, Game 1

Game starts 3pm. 
by Rappleron Oct 5, 2012 at 7:34 AM

  • It's a sea of yellow outside the MOA Arena. No TV? No ticket? Follow @rapplerdotcom's live blog instead :)

  • Game's about to start! Which team are you rooting for? Let us through the poll above!
  • ABSCBN now showing clips from the 2006 UAAP Finals. It was Ateneo vs UST. Ateneo won Game 1, UST went on to win Games 2 and 3! Were you able to see the 2006 Finals?
  • Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer for Finals Game 1. Product plug muna :p
  • Both teams have entered the court. Finals Game 1 starts in a few minutes!
  • UST in yellow, Ateneo in white. To those watching the live blog, what's your fearless forecast of the UAAP Finals? Send me a tweet (@francesbea).
  • Game finally about to begin!
  • Starting five for Ateneo: Tiongson, Ravena, Slaughter, Salva, and Sumalinog.
  • Starting for UST: Fortuna, Teng, Abdul, Ferrer, Mariano.
  • Jump ball! Ball goes to Ateneo.
  • Ravena drives, but doesn't score! Ball with UST.
  • Wild shot from Salva doesn't go in. UST again with the ball.
  • Foul called on Tiongson.
  • Mariano cuts through the Ateneo defense, UST 2, Ateneo 0.
  • Fortuna drive doesn't work. Ateneo on the offensive.
  • Salva scores off a pass from Sumalinog! 2 all, 8:31 left in the 1st.
  • Sumalinog almost gets the ball from Teng, UST gets it back but Tiongson is there to swipe it away!
  • Salva scores on the fast break, plus a foul.
  • He completes the and-1 play. Score: Ateneo 5, UST 2.
  • Slaughter called for a foul on Abdul. He's on the line for 2 FTs.
  • First FT goes in! Score: Ateneo 5, UST 3.
  • Abdul makes both FTs. UST down 1 pt, 8 mins left in the first.
  • Tiongson's jumper is blocked.
  • Teng basket! UST up 1 pt.
  • Score: Ateneo 5, UST 6 with 7:15 left in the first.
  • Hook shot by Slaughter is good. Score: Ateneo 7, UST 6.
  • Teng scores on a turnaround jumper! UST up 1 pt.
  • Long 2 from Ravena doesn't work! UST turnover.
  • Quick release from Salva is short. Score: Ateneo 7, UST 8.
  • Foul called on Sumalinog, his 2nd. The Blue Eagles now have 3 team fouls.
  • Time out! Score: Ateneo 7, UST 8. 5:44 mins left in the first.
  • UST gallery doing the wave! The Tigers are up 1pt with 5:44 left in the first quarter.
  • Buenafe 3 doesn't work! But UST commits a turnover.
  • Tiongson 3! 10 all, 4:49 left in the first. But Ferrer answers back with his own 3!
  • Ferrer on the line for 2 FTs.
  • Score: Ateneo 10, UST 13. 4:34 left in the first.
  • Ateneo fails to convert on the last possession.
  • Ferrer tries his hand at another 3, but it's an air ball.
  • Salva's midrange jumper doesn't go in.
  • Abdul basket! Right under Slaughter's nose.
  • Salva basket! Score: Ateneo 12, UST 15. 3:11 left in the first.
  • Salva basket again! Ateneo down 1 pt, 2:55 left in the first.
  • Time out called. Score: Ateneo 14, UST 15. 2:55 left in the first. Back-to-back baskets from Nico Salva. He has 9 pts so far in the game.
  • Game resumes.
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