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#UAAP75: DLSU vs FEU knock-out game

The Green Archers and the Tamaraws battle it out for the last slot in the UAAP Final Four

Photo by Josh Albelda 
by Rappleron Sep 26, 2012 at 6:42 AM

QUARTER SCORING: 13-19, 28-35, 46-52, 69-66
FINAL SCORE: La Salle 69, FEU 66. La Salle enters the Final Four.RapplerSep 25, 2012 at 8:05 PM
La Salle rookie Jeron Teng as Vosotros was shooting the last 2 FTs. #UAAP75
by francesbea on Sep 26, 2012 at 6:07 PM via twitter

CONTEXT: FEU won the first time the two teams met in the elimination round. In the second round, La Salle bested FEU.RapplerSep 25, 2012 at 8:07 PM

  • Sorry, internet problems! We're online. Score: FEU 9, DLSU 6 4:32 left in the 1st.
  • Vosotros for 3! FEU DLSU, 9 all.
  • La Salle forces a turnover. But FEU gets it right back, Romeo basket.
  • Escoto basket. FEU now up 4 pts with 2:53 left in the first.
  • Mendoza with a basket for La Salle. but Bringas answers back for FEU. Score: FEU 15, DLSU 11. 2:03 left in the 1st.
  • FEU's Mendoza scores! FEU lead now at 6, 1:28 left in the 1st.
  • Teng with the ball... and a shot! FEU 17, DLSU 13. 33 secs left in the firt.
  • FEU's Mendoza is fouled on a drive.
  • 24 secs left in the 1st, score: FEU 18, DLSU 13.
  • He makes the 2nd FT, FEU up by 5.
  • #UAAP75 update: FEU with a 6 pt lead over DLSU after the 1st quarter. Score: FEU 19, DLSU 13.
  • Tomas Torres tries his hand at a 3, but that doesn't go in. FEU now with the ball.
  • FEU 3 doesn't work either. La Salle ball now.
  • Mark Bringas called for a foul on La Salle's Mendoza.
  • Mendoza makes the first FT, missed the second. Violation is called, but he misses again.
  • Wild scramble for the ball after that missed FT. Possession goes to La Salle.
  • Norbert Torres muscles his way in, but the shot doesn't work. FEU loses the ball in the next possession.
  • Mendoza basket! La Salle down by 3, 8:12 left in the half.
  • Internet problems earlier but I'm back online! DLSU vs FEU--which team are you rooting for? #UAAP75

  • FEU air ball! La Salle with a chance to cut down FEU's lead.
  • Torres basket! And a foul!
  • Torres completes the 3-pt play, 19 all with 7:08 left in the half.
  • Hargrove basket! FEU with a 2 pt lead.
  • Romeo for 3! Score: DLSU 19, FEU 24. 6:13 left in the half.
  • Tomas Torres shoots a 3, but that doesn't go in! La Salle calls a time out.
  • Torres drives and misses but Andrada is there for the put back. But FEU's Mendoza answers back with a 3. Score: DLSU 21, FEU 27 4:53 left in the half.
  • La Salle with a steal, but Torres is called for a double dribble.
  • Cruz makes 1/2 FTs. Score: DLSU 21, FEU 27 3:50 left in the half.
  • Vosotros basket. La Salle down by 4, 3:33 left in the half.
  • FEU's Cruz on the line for 2 after a Vosotros foul.
  • Van Opstal makes 1/2 FTs. La Salle down by 3, 3:12 left in the half.
  • Bringas basket! FEU up by 5, 2:45 left in the half.
  • FEU calls a timeout. Score: DLSU 24, FEU 29 with 2:44 left int he half.
  • Overheard from a UAAP photographer: "Ako na-strestress dito." Fans behind us going crazy!
  • Teng on the line for two FTs.
  • Teng makes 2/2 FTs. La Salle down by 3, 2:36 left in the half.
  • Pogoy basket! FEU up by 5.
  • FEU almost loses the ball, and Pogoy misses a 3 attempt. They recover and Bringas scores! Score: DLSU 26, FEU 33. 1:18 left in the half.
  • Wild shot from Pogoy, La Salle now with the ball.
  • Teng again on the line for 2 FTs.
  • Teng makes both! La Salle down by 5. Score: DLSU 28, FEU 33. 49 secs left in the half.
  • Mark Bringas scores! He pushes FEU's lead up to 7.
  • La Salle turnover.
  • Tomas Torres called for a foul. La Salle has 3 team fouls with 6 secs left in the half.
  • #UAAP75 update: the Tamaraws have a 7 pt advantage over the Green Archers at the half. Score: DLSU 28, FEU 35.
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