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#SCwatch: JBC public interviews, Day 2

Day 2 of the JBC public interviews for the nominees for Chief Justice

  • Day 2 of the JBC public interviews to start at 9 am.
  • Day 2 interviewees are SC Justice Roberto Abad; Professor Rafael Morales; former UP Law Dean Raul Pangalangan; SC Justice Arturo Brion; Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento; and retired judge Manuel Siayngco.
  • The case of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima reflects old misgivings of the Judicial and Bar Council, the body that vets and screens aspirants to the judiciary for appointment by the president. Read "The case of De Lima and Devanadera: JBC's old dilemma"
  • #SCwatch JBC morning interviews: SC Justice Abad; Prof Rafael Morales; fmr dean Raul Pangalangan
  • #SCwatch JBC afternoon interviews: SC Justice Brion; Comelec Comm Rene Sarmiento; retired judge Manuel Siayngco
  • #SCwatch JBC public interviews, Day 2, now starting. Also follow @purpleromeropo for updates.
  • #SCwatch First up: Supreme Court Associate Justice Roberto Abad. Read his profile here:
  • #SCwatch Abad answering Q from JBC's Cayosa about delays and congestion in the judiciary system
  • #SCwatch Cayosa: You came from private sector, academe before SC. Day before you joined SC, you appeared before court, you had a bad experience at a court. How did it affect your view of the judiciary system?
  • Abad: Story was not entirely true, but I did have a run-in with a judge.
  • Abad then recounts his encounter with the said
    judge (whom he said was "an honest judge").
  • #SCwatch Abad on insider as CJ: If a candidate has what it takes to be a CJ, doesn't matter if insider or outsider
  • #SCwatch Abad: Appointing outsider also has its risks; I have bias though for an insider CJ
  • #SCwatch Abad says if appointed he can do "a lot" in two years
  • #SCwatch Abad on inhibiting from cases: Well, if I have a bias [to one side]... I have to inhibit myself
  • #SCwatch Cayosa: Any specific experience in making a decision that could be unpopular w/ appointing power?
  • #SCwatch Abad: I was appointed by PGMA; I voted for the
    Truth Commission (w/c was to investigate PGMA)
  • #SCwatch Now asking Q is JBC's
  • #SCwatch Abad: We have a wounded court after the impeachment
  • Abad: If I become CJ, the first thing I will do is forgive. I hope the President forgives us also. And we will forgive the legislature.
  • #SCwatch Mejia asks Abad: What principles should govern separation of Church and State?
  • Abad chairs subcommittee on revision of rules of civil procedure. That's where "one-time face-to-face hearing"was developed
  • #SCwatch Abad on jury system: Ang jury system magastos iyon; Rest of world not anymore using it (except US)
  • #SCwatch Abad: Abandon adversarial system, which pits both sides; evidence presented is what lawyer wants, not what judge wants
  • #SCwatch Abad: PH rules based on US rules, w/c uses jury system; Wala tayong jury, ang ridiculous ng nangyayari
  • #SCwatch Abad explaining the problems of PH system using US-based rules
  • #SCwatch Abad: Judges have no control over proceedings; Lawyers control it, that's why it takes so long
  • #SCwatch Abad: I advocate a combined adversarial and inquisitorial system; Judge will be able to ask, probe
  • #SCwatch Abad: Corona trial did not infringe on separation of powers; What I did not agree with was the filing, prep of complaint
  • #SCwatch Abad: The way impeachment complaint was done was not proper, "indecent"
  • #SCwatch Abad: We're working with Legal Education Board to improve legal educ in PH
  • #SCwatch Abad: We have to raise the standards of admission for lawyers; Limit to 4 main subjects, free up units for specialization
  • #SCwatch Abad: Limit bar exams to 4 major subjects only; Other countries' bar exams only cover basics
  • #SCwatch Abad asked by JBC's Lagman on how he will regulate law schools if appointed CJ
  • #SCwatch JBC's Lagman asks Abad questions about regulating law schools, law curriculum, MCQ system for Bar
  • #SCwatch Abad: Multiple-Choice Questions a "time tested measure"; Essay part of exam, however, will show ability, intelligence
  • #SCwatch Abad: I hardly reverse myself, but I did once; He then explains Manotoc case
  • #SCwatch Abad explains his view on bar exams, apprenticeships for lawyers, after JBC's Hermosisima asks him
  • #SCwatch Abad asked about amendments in Constitution; Cites foreign ownership of corporations (economic aspects) as one part that could be changed
  • #SCwatch Now asking Qs is Rep Tupas.
  • #SCwatch Abad: Impeachment trial woke judiciary, determined their stand, character
  • #SCwatch Abad: Abad: 'Pag tigaloob (insider) there's renewal within. 'Pag sa labas, parang you don't trust those within.
  • #SCwatch Abad denies that there are "factions" in the SC, points to their voting record
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