Mulat Pinoy: Social Net Worth Forum

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Mulat Pinoy: Social Net Worth Forum

Silliman University, Dumaguete City

  • Villanueva: Images are probably the most popular thing on Facebook. People are most likely going to like an image over text.
  • Villanueva on how Rappler is about to use social media as a journalism tool: Posting pictures, putting up on-line polls, videos. We also have a lot of photos about popular celebrities like Zac Efron and Adam Levine.
  • Villanueva: At Rappler, we believe in the wisdom of the crowd. For example, we put up a poll and asked our followers what time they wanted to watch our daily newscast. Even if we originally wanted it at a later time, we saw that more people wanted it at 930pm.
  • Villanueva: Most often the things you will read about in the newspaper, you will first hear about on-line. This is collaborative news telling.
  • Villanueva uses an example of collaborative story telling. Using social media Rappler can get updates from people in affected areas, real time. Traditional media would have to wait for a PHILVOCS report.
  • Now, Villanueva is talking about the dangers of social media.
  • Villanueva uses Ely Buendia as an example of the dangers of social media. "A few years ago, people killed him on Twitter". Information is just one click away to share. You need to be careful about the information you have: is it credible?
  • Ely Buendia just made fun of the rumor about him being dead. He tweeted: "Nothing is permanent. Not even death." Later, he also tweeted, "Next time may magkalat na patty na ako, hindi na talaga ako maniniwala."
  • Villanueva: We guested Chris Lao at a recent social media forum hosted by Rappler. Chris Lao, a victim of cyber bullying, had one of the most touching stories. He said, "I will have my lifetime devoted to healing." Let that be a reminder to all of us about the possible repercussions of our actions on social media.
  • Villanueva: At Rappler, we believe that social media can change the world.
  • Villanueva uses Save Philippine Seas as an example of how social media can be used for social good.
  • Villanueva: Think about what advocacies you want to support and the stories you want to talk about. Then think about how you can do this with social media in ways that traditional journalists never even thought possible.
  • Q1 for Villanueva: How does the Cybercrime Bill now affect the way that you do your job?
  • Villanueva on the Cyber Crime Bill: I do believe that we should all speak up against it. I personally believe that the beauty of the Internet is freedom. But I am an advocate of the responsible use of Internet. When it comes to our job, the principles of journalism still apply, independent of the platform.
  • First time I had to talk about so many social media topics all in one presentation.

    - Traditional vs Social Media
    - Social Media in the practice of journalism
    - Dangers of Social Media
    - Social Media for Social Good

    Usually they'd be 4 different talks.
  • Mulat Pinoy launches a video contest where you can win up to 25,000. All you need to do is submit a video like the one we're posting above...
  • Dean Cecile Genove of the Silliman University College of Mass Communication delivers closing remarks.

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