Miss Universe 2012 National Costume Show

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Miss Universe 2012 National Costume Show

The 89 candidates parade in their national costumes


  • Another shot of Miss Philippines

  • Russia's costume is handmade by a respected Russian fashion designer whom the candidate worked with when she was a model
  • Serbia wearing a traditional Serbian outfit
  • Lots of white tonight. Lots of colorful, sparkly costumes, too.
  • Singapore wears a mix of traditional Chinese, Indian and Malaysian symbols, since Singapore is a multi-cultural country
  • Miss Slovak Republic

  • Slovak Republic's costume is a beautiful ballgown
  • South Africa looks like a goddess-slash-superhero
  • Miss South Africa

  • Spain wears a sexy flamenco costume
  • Miss Spain

  • Sri Lanka's costume is beautiful. It symbolizes the festival of lights, Diwali.
  • Miss Sri Lanka

  • St. Lucia's costume reminds me of a Harry Belafonte song!
  • Sexy utilitarian bodysuit on Switzerland
  • Miss Switzerland

  • Miss Tanzania

  • Tanzania, one of my favorites on the pageant, is wearing a costume that represents her country's natural resources.
  • Thailand's costume inspired by a Thai temple. Beautiful headpiece.
  • Trinidad and Tobago wearing her version of a butterfly. Very carnivale. Took 5 suitcases to ship this costume.
  • Turkey's costume is very Bohemian, hippie-chic.
  • Miss Turkey

  • Ukraine wears a feathered winter hat, similar to what Russia was wearing. The difference: Ukraine is wearing her version of a men's outfit.
  • Feathers again for Uruguay in white and blue, her country's colors.
  • Miss Uruguay

  • USA wearing an elaborate Statue of Liberty costume. Far cry from her conservative ballgown at the Preliminary Competition.
  • Miss USA

  • Venezuela's costume made of real chocolate. She's a top contender in the pageant.
  • Miss Vietnam is the last!

  • Final national costume is Vietnam. Traditional costume made from silk.
  • Hashtags to remember: #MissUniverse for your messages to your favorite candidate and #AskMissUniverse for your final question suggestions.
  • The Miss Universe National Costume Show is now finished. Thank you for watching our live stream and our live blog.
  • Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon in her national costume. Photo from the Janine Mari Raymundo Tugonon Facebook page.

  • See you guys on pageant night: December 19 in Las Vegas (December 20 in Manila). This is Kai Magsanoc, Rappler, signing out.
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