Miss International 2012

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Miss International 2012

  • Signing out folks. Rappler will be covering Miss Universe 2012 in December. Follow Rappler on Twitter and Facebook to get updates.
  • Ikumi Yoshimatsu of Japan wins Miss International 2012. Finland was 1st runner up, Sri Lanka 2nd runner up.

  • Miss International 2012 is better than Miss World 2012.
  • What happened to Miss Venezuela? She wasted the opportunity being on the top 15, this could have given to those who want it. Just saying.
  • yup, i like the format of Miss International....maybe Miss World make some changes about their pageant
  • Based on their speeches, I'll go for Miss Philippines and Miss India.
  • Hosts say another 10 minutes are needed by the judges.

  • I think Philippines will win again!
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  • yeah! MISS Universe is the best and most prestigous pageant ever! :)) Go PHILIPPINES!
  • @michaeljosh thanks for this live blog. can't wait for the much-delayed Miss Universe.
  • :)
  • Like the format of the International Beauty Pageant very systematic and order. Final speech of Miss Philippines was superb hooraay to you. This year's participants are all sensible.
  • I think it will be Philippines, India or Sri Lanka. Nicole did great. In the swimsuit competetion she looked like Melanie Marquez.
  • And we're back...
  • 4th runner goes to Miss Paraguay.
  • Miss Paraguay, 4th runner up

  • 3rd runner up is Miss Dominican Republic.
  • Miss Dominican Republic, 3rd runner up

  • 2nd runner up is Sri Lanka.
  • Miss Sri Lanka, 2nd runner up

  • 1st runner up is Miss Finland.
  • Miss Finland, 1st runner up

  • Miss International 2012 is Miss Japan.
  • Miss International 2012 Japan

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