Miss Earth 2012

Live Blog

Miss Earth 2012

We bring you the events as they unfold at Versailles Palace in Alabang. Who will bring home the crown tonight?

  • Miss Earth 2012 is Miss Czech Republic. Miss Earth Air is Miss Philippines.
  • #MissEarth2012 Water: Venezuela
  • #MissEarth2012 Fire: Brazil
  • #MissEarth2012 Top 4: Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, Czech Republic. rplr.co
  • Top 8: Czech Republic, South Africa, Philippines, Nepal, Russia, Venezuela, USA, Brazil
  • Czech Republic admits she doesn't understand the question. Instead, she gives a message: protecting and respecting Mother Earth is everyone's duty.
  • The pageant's conclusion is up next. Who will it be?! #suspense
  • Getting into position for the announcement of winners

  • Lots of hugging as the other candidates return onstage

  • Olga Alava readies for her final walk

  • Ms Earth Fire is Ms Brazil
  • Ms Earth Water is Ms Venezuela
  • Miss Earth Air is Ms Philippines
  • Miss Earth 2012 is Ms Czech Republic!
  • Everyone's trying to hug the winner! Congratulations to all the winners and candidates!

  • Ms Czech Republic trips on her gown

  • Ms Philippines is quick to help her back up

  • Ms Czech Republic regains her composure, of course

  • Thank you for watching our live blog. This is Kai Magsanoc, Rappler, signing out!

  • Last look: Everyone trying to get pics of the winners. xx

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