Microsoft Surface Tablet Launch in Singapore

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Launch in Singapore

  • Windows 8 and Windows RT: what's the difference? Read:
  • Welcome to Rappler's updates on the Microsoft Surface tablet launch in Singapore.

    READ: Microsoft gives peek at new Windows, tablet
  • Currently waiting for call time for the Microsoft shuttle for the global launch of Windows 8. We are being handed out briefing kits for the new features.

  • Here's our schedule for today. We flew in last night with Jonica Pena of Microsoft Philippines. The launch event happens at 3PM, which is many hours ahead of the New York launch. This is due to the fact that it is a holiday in Singapore tomorrow. So, yes Asia gets the scoop first.

  • The official Twitter account of Microsoft SEA is @MicrosoftASIA and the event hashtag is #Windows8
  • “@michaeljosh: Follow Rappler tech contributor @jayvee as he live blogs the #Windows8 & Microsoft Surface . Here:
  • #Windows8 on Surface will affect relationship with brands in the PH. Rumor mill is that PH won't have it but lets see in 2 hours!
  • We will be dealing with a lot of semantics later. FYI "Surface" refers to the Microsoft-made tablet. This means that the hardware is not made by a third party partner like Sony or ACER. It is made in-house by Microsoft.
  • Windows 8 vs Windows RT: To consumers they look the same but are different under the hood. Windows 8 is the upgrade to the current version of Windows. You can install legacy apps from before. Windows RT is a "lite" version of Windows that only runs on the more portable tablets. You can't install legacy apps EXCEPT for Office and Internet Explorer. Apps for RT are downloaded via the Microsoft Store
  • We are now at Esplanade for the Windows 8 launch. Exciting!

  • There are 2 parts to the event. We are now at the Experience Zone for the hands on before the actual press conference.

  • Windows 8 via HDMI cable. Program hasn't started. Everyone is hanging around the experience zone.

  • ACER Aspire S7 391 on Windows 8

  • Program Begins (in many languages)

  • Picture Password Feature: Hand gestures that the computer memorized from a photo to unlock the tablet

  • Overview of Windows 8 UI

  • Gorgeous Photo Gallery app that links Flickr, Facebook, and the home gallery of your computers

  • Full desktop mode (the "traditional" Windows is integrated also) for old timers like me ;)

  • Solid integration of Facebook and Twitter with Windows 8

  • Beautiful Lenovo Tablet

  • Lenovo's all in one retails for about PHP 66k

  • Christian Bautista in the house!

  • There you go. Christian Bautista for Windows 8. He's helping showcase the music section.

  • More detailed video of Picture Password

  • Christian Bautista is @MicrosoftPH #Windows8 brand ambassador

  • Taking the XBOX brand to Windows8 tomorrow on the 26th.

  • XBOX SmartGlass, Video, Music and Games --- the newly revamped XBOX Platform (in the USA)
  • XBOX SmartGlass, Video, Music and Games --- the newly revamped XBOX Platform (in the USA). Bawal daw photos!! #Windows8
  • XBOX guy annoying. We can't take photos. They just announced the revamped XBOX platform for music and videos as well. Only in the USA first
  • DRM free music from XBOX 360. Newly revamped platform. 256k quality.
  • XBOX Games Update: Merge XBOX Live with Windows8 (like achievements)
  • And now a word from Christian Bautista (who plays Mass Effect 3)

  • We are going to get more details about SmartGlass in a bit. He didn't explain it much. From what we know, you can use your tablet as a second screen for games. It gives you a different UI experience (like how the Nintendo DS had a second screen)
  • Confirmed: SmartGlass is what it is supposed to be: a new UI to play with games using touch screen. More info will be released on the 26th with the USA launch.
  • Tracy Fellows, head of Microsoft Asia Pacific giving a "keynote"

  • 50 new devices available today running on #Windows8 ; over 1,000 new certified devices that can run the new OS -- Tracy Fellows, MS AsiaPac
  • The Microsoft embargo applies to publications .. but not on Twitter / FB / stream. So, ayan. Social Media FTW
  • RT @MicrosoftASIA: More than 30,000 developers in #APAC are building new #Windows8 apps!
  • Samsung All in One PC Series 7

  • Toshiba REGZA LX830

  • The new desktop PC form factor: You can use it with a mouse and keyboard OR with your fingers. The screen tilts to enable the "table mode" .. all brands are making this transition.
  • Breaking: Surface is NOT coming to South East Asia. Closest place to get it will be Australia. Also, no Microsoft Store. Sorry guys.
  • Re: Surface another issue is warranty. Who will fix it? In the PH, Microsoft is not a hardware company. Even XBOX not officially covered.
  • Desktops are forever changed. All manufacturers have slick panels that can be collapsed to the table. This is the future of #Windows8
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