Microsoft Surface Tablet Launch in Singapore

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Microsoft Surface Tablet Launch in Singapore

  • We are now at Esplanade for the Windows 8 launch. Exciting!

  • There are 2 parts to the event. We are now at the Experience Zone for the hands on before the actual press conference.

  • Windows 8 via HDMI cable. Program hasn't started. Everyone is hanging around the experience zone.

  • ACER Aspire S7 391 on Windows 8

  • Program Begins (in many languages)

  • Picture Password Feature: Hand gestures that the computer memorized from a photo to unlock the tablet

  • Overview of Windows 8 UI

  • Gorgeous Photo Gallery app that links Flickr, Facebook, and the home gallery of your computers

  • Full desktop mode (the "traditional" Windows is integrated also) for old timers like me ;)

  • Solid integration of Facebook and Twitter with Windows 8

  • Beautiful Lenovo Tablet

  • Lenovo's all in one retails for about PHP 66k

  • Christian Bautista in the house!

  • There you go. Christian Bautista for Windows 8. He's helping showcase the music section.

  • More detailed video of Picture Password

  • Christian Bautista is @MicrosoftPH #Windows8 brand ambassador

  • Taking the XBOX brand to Windows8 tomorrow on the 26th.

  • XBOX SmartGlass, Video, Music and Games --- the newly revamped XBOX Platform (in the USA)
  • XBOX SmartGlass, Video, Music and Games --- the newly revamped XBOX Platform (in the USA). Bawal daw photos!! #Windows8
  • XBOX guy annoying. We can't take photos. They just announced the revamped XBOX platform for music and videos as well. Only in the USA first
  • DRM free music from XBOX 360. Newly revamped platform. 256k quality.
  • XBOX Games Update: Merge XBOX Live with Windows8 (like achievements)
  • And now a word from Christian Bautista (who plays Mass Effect 3)

  • We are going to get more details about SmartGlass in a bit. He didn't explain it much. From what we know, you can use your tablet as a second screen for games. It gives you a different UI experience (like how the Nintendo DS had a second screen)
  • Confirmed: SmartGlass is what it is supposed to be: a new UI to play with games using touch screen. More info will be released on the 26th with the USA launch.
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