#London2012 Closing Ceremony

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#London2012 Closing Ceremony

Live blog of the Closing Ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad, and the handover to the next Summer Games host city, Rio de Janeiro

  • Fireworks and the Brazilian flag at the end of the London Olympics.

  • In the 1960s, the rockers and the mods were two conflicting sub-cultures in Britain.
  • After "Brighton Rock," now "We Will Rock You" from Brian May, Roger Taylor and Jessie J
  • Stay tuned for British mod music courtesy of The Who. #CannotWait
  • The London Philharmonic Orchestra now plays the
    National Anthem of Greece
  • The London Welsh Male Voice Choir and London Welsh Rugby Club Choir together perform the Olympic Anthem
  • The Olympic flag has been taken down.
  • It now leaves the #London2012 Olympic stadium. See you in 2016!
  • We begin to say farewell to #London2012.
  • The Olympic flag has been passed on from the Mayor of London to the Mayor of Rio de Janeiro as Prince Harry looked on.
  • Now playing the National Anthem of Brazil
  • The Brazilian flag is raised.

  • Rio's presentation begins. A taste of what we'll see and experience in 4 years.
  • Brasil's Renato Solito performs the samba
  • Yes! Jessie J! Performing "We Will Rock You" -- and she's certainly doing that. Fitting too! I think London rocked the Olympics. Hard.
  • Perfect metaphor! :) RT @piersmorgan: This show's been like a @Mo_Farah race - very slow start, now exploding nicely... #closingceremony
  • Fireworks over the stadium! National anthem of Greece now, where the Olympics first started.
  • Brazilian bossa nova now being performed. Smooth.
  • Brazilian football star Pele joins Solito onstage
  • More fireworks! But then — who will close the Olympics?
  • Rio 2016 will be the first time in the history of the Olympics that the Games
    will be held in South America.
  • Sebastien Coe, LOGOC Chairman gives his closing remarks. People "boo"... they don't want it to end.
  • "We lit the flame and we lit up the world." - Coe
  • "Thank you to the people who built the stadium. The people who created a new neighborhood in an old city. The people who stood guard to keep us safe." - Coe
  • "Thank you to the tens of thousands of volunteers. Volunteers who gave their time, their boundless enthusiasm, and their goodwill. And who have the right to say tonight, 'I made London 2012.'" - Coe
  • "At our opening ceremony, we proclaimed that these were Games for everyone. At our closing ceremony, we can say that these were Games by everyone." - Coe
  • "The spirit of these Olympics will inspire a generation." - Coe
  • "On the first day of these Games, I said we will do it right. On the last day, I can say, Britain, we did it right. Thank you." - Coe
  • Gosh. I can't believe the Olympics are over. It feels like yesterday when it first started. The past 2 weeks have gone way too fast.
  • Dr. Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, takes the podium.
  • An estimated 750 million audience members are watching the #ClosingCeremonies. 750 million. Imagine that.
  • "These were happy and glorious Games." - Rogge
  • "I call on the youth of the world to assemble 4 years from now in Rio de Janeiro." - Rogge
  • Rogge has declared the London 2012 Olympic Games closed. Bittersweet moment.
  • The cauldron's fire will now be put out.
  • The cauldron's petals are separating.
  • Take That now performing
  • Many thought that Take That wouldn't make it because lead singer Barlow had a still-born daughter recently.
  • Take That is performing "Rule the World"
  • Phoenix flies over the cauldron with prima ballerina Darcey Bussell
  • We're at the tail-end of the #London2012 #Olympics closing ceremony
  • Fireworks abound as the Olympic flame is about to be extinguished. How glorious the stadium looks from above! Utterly beautiful.
  • Bussell's performance was choreographed by the Royal Ballet’s artistic associate, Christopher Wheeldon.
  • And the cauldron's fire has been extinguished. The Who's "Teenage Wasteland" starts playing again.
  • It's time to do the mod dance! It's The Who! #GoMods #Vespa #Lambretta #Quadrophenia #ReadySteadyGo
  • The Who now playing "Baba O’Riley" from their 1971 album, Who's Next.
  • The last few seconds before the Olympic flame is extinguished.

  • RT @rapplerdotcom: Can't get enough of the Spice Girls' performance at the #ClosingCeremony? We've put together a whole gallery for you. ...
  • "My Generation" was composed by The Who guitarist Pete Townshend when he was 20 years old, specially for the Mods. #GoMods #Vespa #Lambretta #Quadrophenia #ReadySteadyGo
  • RT @TomJamesScott: @natashya_g Mo Farah - double Gold in 5000 and 10,000; Jess Ennis - gold in heptathlon; Andy Murray thrashing Roger F ...
  • Scenes from the Olympics now being played again. The tears, the triumphs. It has been a good season.
  • Emeli Sande sings "Imagine"
  • London 2012 Olympics is now officially over. Thank you for being with us this morning.
  • And that's a wrap. Thanks for joining our live blog folks! See you at #Rio2016
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