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#London2012 Closing Ceremony

Live blog of the Closing Ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad, and the handover to the next Summer Games host city, Rio de Janeiro

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  • The 30th Olympic Games is about to come to a close in about 30 minutes. Join us as we live blog this historic event.
  • What was the highlight of the #London2012 Olympics? Tweet us your responses using the hashtag #BestOfLondon2012.
  • Hi everyone. The Opening Ceremonies is live in less than 10. Join @natashya_g, @KaiMagsanoc and I as we live blog the event.
  • The Olympic flame is seen during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, at the Olympic Stadium in London on July 27, 2012. AFP PHOTO / ANTONIN THUILLIER

  • RT @LondonLive: Stadium is packed with 80k fans waiting for #London2012 closing ceremony. So many flashbulbs going off, it looks like a ...
  • Good morning, everyone! The show is about to begin! Let's go! #London2012 #Olympics
  • Event is starting. Hashtags if you are on Twitter are #London2012 and #ClosingCeremony.
  • I can hear "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who... goosebumps! #London2012 #Olympics
  • This is London Calling! #London2012 #Olympics
  • The Who is a British band who was among the groups at the forefront of mod music and fashion. Other well-known mod personalities are Paul Weller and Sting.
  • Emeli Sande opens the #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • There's a mini London inside the Olympic Stadium for the #ClosingCeremonies.

  • Earlier tonight, British-Somali Olympic phenomenon Mo Farah was asked which act
    he is looking forward to watching tonight. His answer: "The Spice Girls. My daughter's going to be so jealous." #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • Emeli Sande

  • Stomp is at the #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • The entire Olympic stadium field is a Union Jack; its stripes the roads. Amazing production design! Again, goosebumps! #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • Lines from Shakes
    peare's "Tempest" delivered atop the closing ceremony's version of the Big Ben #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • Timothy Spall playing the role of Winston Churchill speaks atop the Big Ben.

  • HRH Prince Harry of Wales represents Queen Elizabeth at the #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • National anthem of the United Kingdom now being played #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • "God Save the Queen" #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • Intl Olympic Committee Pres. Jacques Rogge is now in the stadium, too.
  • Batman and Robin arrive! #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • The street party has begun! #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • Stomp performing. Prince Harry enters to represent the Queen. Now the UK national anthem as the flag is raised. London has much to celebrate
  • English ska/pop band performs "Our House".
  • The crowd is singing along!
  • The yellow buggy before it blows up.

  • The mass band of the Guards has entered the field #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • The #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony is a musical journey.
  • Pet Shop Boys now in the stadium #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • The Pet Shop Boys are performing "West End Girls" . Hurrah, 80s music! So timeless!
  • They're wearing their signature pointy hats. I love it!
  • One Direction performs. They were discovered by Simon Cowell through his reality talent show, The X-Factor
  • "That's What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction
  • It's a mash-up of the old and new British music for the young and old music lovers around the world! I wonder what the athletes are doing? :)
  • One Direction

  • The party has definitely started! If any of your family members are still asleep, wake them up and have them join us here! Tweet your comments using the hash tags #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony @rapplerdotcom
  • Stomp recreates the chaos and hustle and bustle of London. It's all about the British working day. #London2012 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
  • Spelbound gymnastic troupe from Britain's Got Talent now performing
  • The Kinks performing "Waterloo Sunset." Shalala! xx
  • Welcome to the live blog of the #London2012 Closing Ceremony. Our live blog will go live at 3:45 am Philippine time.
  • Gosh, this song is so groovy; it'll make you smile, kids. What an amazing Olympics 2012 in London. :)
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