LIVE BLOG: UP Lantern Parade

Live Blog

LIVE BLOG: UP Lantern Parade

UP Lantern Parade

  • UP College of Medicine with their environment-friendly lantern.

  • UP Extension Program in San Fernando Pampanga

  • Farmers from Casiguran joined the UP Lantern Parade as well. @rapplerdotcom

  • UP Students of Destiny with their lantern, the kneeling Oblation which rotates.

  • UP Concert Chorus

  • University of the Philippines Babaylan's theme is "20 Years of Bongga".

  • The UP NCPAG contingent performs and marches past the grandstand for the UP Diliman #LanternParade2012.
  • "Flying" is UP Fine Arts' theme for this year.
  • We've got aviation-inspired costumes and lanterns. Photos to follow!
  • Speaking of flying, here's a flying kiss.

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