LIVE BLOG: UP Lantern Parade

Live Blog

LIVE BLOG: UP Lantern Parade

UP Lantern Parade

  • College of Education

  • Rappler's @keekolopez and I are covering the UP Lantern Parade. Photos here:
  • UP College of Engineering has their own version of Optimus Prime! And yes, it moves! Awesome! :)
  • My college, UP Law is next. :)
  • UP College of Law's lantern transforms from a Jeep into a robot.

  • UP College of Mass Communications

  • National College of Public Administration and Governance has a vote-themed lantern.

  • The crowd at the Palma Hall Steps

  • College of Social Work and Community Development

  • UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy's lantern and presentation.

  • CSSP performed a skit about the Martial Law period

  • UP College of Science-Mathematics Department

  • The UP College of Science lantern

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