Digital Media and Democratic Space in Asia

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Digital Media and Democratic Space in Asia

Maria Ressa live blogs the Expert Meeting on Translating Online Activism into Offline Action in Bangkok, Thailand

  • There are about 30 of us here - about 2 to 3 from each country. It's just about to start. Doors are closing.
  • People settling down.

  • Small room, intimate setting - but formal too because there are so many cultures and perspectives represented here.
  • First speaker is Marcus Michaelsen on Pakistan.
  • From Online Activism to Offline Action: Digital Media and Democratic Space in Asia -- Pakistan is first.
  • Pakistan has 20m internet users, pop more than 180m. Not great internet penetration.
  • 2 obstacles in Pakistan: internet infrastructure and education.
  • 108m using mobile phones in Pakistan. Telecoms is deregulated, allowing competition in internet services, but legislative framework ill-defined.
  • Participants in online debates in Pakistan belong to small, info-educated elite, most from middle class. - Michaelsen
  • Pakistan's media landscape is still in the process of professionalization after state restrictions lifted abt a decade ago - Michaelsen
  • 2010 floods in Pakistan: bloggers organized for relief operations - distributing supplies to flood victims - Michaelsen
  • These mobilizations are short-term in nature. Question is how to use for long-term sustainable involvement in civic activism?
  • Next speaker is Shazhad Achmad from Pakistan.
  • Shahzad Ahmad

  • Ahmad's site - Bytes for all, Pakistan - - a human rights organization since 2009
  • Major issues: censorship & surveillance; implementing "kill switch"; blasphemy laws; religious extremism curbing freedom of expression online
  • Issues: privacy rights - databases without legal protection; digital security of journalists & human rights defenders
  • Impt policy spaces: national policy processes; Internet Governance Forum; UN Human Rights Council; EU Parliament - Shahzad Ahmad
  • Ongoing campaigns: Take Back the Tech; Encryption ban; Kill switch on communications; protecting journalists - Shahzad Ahmad
  • Emphasizes collaboration with human rights and media development organizations.
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