Apple Event, 23 October 2012

Live Blog

Apple Event, 23 October 2012

Will Apple release the iPad mini tonight? Find out on our live blog.

  • CNET reports live from today's Apple event, bringing you minute-to-minute updates and photos, as well as live video commentary as the news unfolds. Check out our full coverage

  • LIVE commentary

  • It starts off with someone playing piano on the full-size iPad, then someone else joining in on an iPad mini, both on Garageband.
  • Now Cook's back up.
  • "It's very cool," he says.
  • The performance leap between A5 and A6X could be big, comparing iPads.
  • "We told you earlier this year that you'd see some incredible innovation from Apple across the year, innovation only Apple can deliver. We think we kept our promise and we hope you agree," Cook says.
  • Now rounding out some of the company's launches over the year. iOS 6 and Mountain Lion. Also the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano, iPhone 5. Refresh of entire notebooks, along with Retina Display models, and the new iMac.
  • Also the third-generation iPad, you know the one that we just replaced.
  • Should be getting up-close looks at all these Apple products shortly. Considering all the announcements, it'll look like an Apple Store.
  • "Yes, it has been an incredible year with all of these new products, and all the applications and cloud services, this has been a truly prolific year of innovation for Apple. We hope that you love these products as we loved creating them. I'd personally like to thank all the teams at Apple who have worked so hard to create what you see today, and across everything else this year ... they dedicate themselves to making the best products on earth."
  • wOOt! I held off buying the "New iPad" in hopes of seeing an iPad mini for Christmas. Now that it's out, I think I will upgrade my original iPad with the 4th Gen iPad. The mini is overpriced and outdated. The "New iPad" is not going to be cheap enough to justify buying.
  • Bought an iPad 3 just over two weeks ago. Sick about the upgrade four days after I would have been able to return it. Done with Apple. Giving up on my attempt to get an iPhone 5. I can't deal with their lack of respect for consumers. Time to look at Windows again.
  • They didn't mention how annoying 16:9 video is on a 4:3 screen on the iPad mini. Lots of letterbox.
  • Ipad Mini will be huge this xmas!!!
  • hey guys...they are miles ahead of all others competitors...and doing a incredible job...congratulations APPLE
  • Just cant wait for the google event next week and see what happens to crapple..
  • no CD/DVD drive on new iMac?
  • Here come all the Droid trolls...
  • @GaelicSoxFan Seen a lot of people who own Apple products in here complaining. It isn't just trolls.
  • I think the iPad mini will still be better then the Nexus and the Fire, which breaks on one drop (see Mollys test), you get what you pay for.
  • There is one problems with anything management. I work in a school district where we want to deploy about 300 iPad's around our buildings in carts. Tell me a way to "image" an Android Tablet and ensure that every device has the same App content and account information, along with security properties. This new iPad Mini is PERFECT for education.
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