Apple Event, 23 October 2012

Live Blog

Apple Event, 23 October 2012

Will Apple release the iPad mini tonight? Find out on our live blog.

  • Will Apple release the iPad mini tonight? Find out on our live blog.

  • One hour to go before the event and the Apple Store is down. This usually means that Apple is getting ready to add new items to its inventory.

  • Those wondering about the venue, the California Theater comes with a great deal of history. From Wikipedia: "Opened in 1927 as the Fox California Theatre (originally with 1,848 seats), this movie palace was said to be the finest theater in California. For nearly 50 years the theatre showed films, until its closure in 1973. It was left vacant and dilapidated for many years, but reopened in 2004 after a $75 million dollar restoration project."
  • On line, waiting some more.

  • We're here at Apple- I'm Scott Stein. Rich and Josh are here. We won't be sitting for a while.
  • In case you missed it earlier: Here's Josh's preview of the event from last week: And the latest round of rumors and speculation suggest we may have some Mac Mini news today as well:
  • Filing in...

  • Josh Lowensohn, Scott Stein, and Rich Brown will be bringing you live updates from the California Theatre in downtown San Jose, Calif.
  • Howdy, guys. What can you tell us about the venue, the set dressing, the crowd, etc.?
  • Big crowd here today. Nothing on stage but two bottles of water and a remote control.
  • Fun fact: Apple's last time here was to debut the video iPod.
  • FYI Apple's event is scheduled to begin in about seven minutes (though sometimes there's a brief delay).
  • Just got the "please switch off your phones" message. Event's a few minutes away.
  • Now playing "It's time" by the band Imagine Dragons. Indeed.
  • Hi everyone. So, this theater was a lot harder to file people into.
  • Tim Cook out, looking happy to be here.
  • Cook thanking everyone for joining the company. "We have some very fond memories here, and we're going to create a few more today." First up, iPhone.
  • This space feels a lot more intimate because of the balcony. Bottom aisles closer to stage.
  • iPhone 5 is off to a "tremendous" start, Cook says.
  • Cook noting sell out of more than 5 million units. "This was fantastic," Cook says.
  • Hard to believe that was six weeks ago.
  • Cook highlighting the retail stores, so we're going to see a video about that.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook onstage

  • Showing various cities where it went on sale, including Sydney, Hong Kong, France, NYC.
  • People in line getting coffees, stores getting ready piling up tons of iPhones, and even swabbing floor units. And looking goofy taking photos of it all with iPads.
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