7th Annual Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism

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7th Annual Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Dr. Lukas Ispandriano, Dean of Communication at the Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University talks about Indonesian contemporary politics and the role the media plays in safeguarding democracy.
  • Ispandriano says 57.2% of respondents of a recent survey in Indonesia believe in printed media rather than electronic media. But the study was done by Kompas, a newspaper.
  • Ispandriano talks about Prita Mulyasari, a housewife who complained about medical malpractice at a hospital via email. The email was passed around and eventually got media attention. She was later jailed on civil defamation charges. Recently however, the Indonesian Supreme Court acquitted her of the cases filed against her. The case took 4 years to resolve.
  • Dr. Lukas Ispandriano

  • Looks like while the Indonesian media enjoys freedom of the press, people believe that the influence of government is still strong.
  • The case of Prita Mulyasari reminds me of the issue of the cybercrime law in the Philippines. Good discussion point.
  • Short coffee break. The next session is: Can multimedia help build democratic societies.
  • And we're back...
  • Myanmar's media was considered the freest in Asia in the 1940s.
  • Yasmin Lee Arpon, Deputy Editor of Asia News Network in Thailand speaks about media in Burma.
  • There are about 400,000 users of the Internet in Burma.
  • Interesting facts about Internet usage in Myanmar. Emails are delayed by sometimes up to a month. Screenshots of your computer screen are taken every 5 minutes. Not quite sure how they do this.
  • On August 20, the Burmese government said it would be lifting restrictions on media.
  • Ravi Bajpai, Special Correspondent for the Indian Express speaks about Multimedia and Democracy.
  • Ravi Bajpai, Special Correspondent for the Indian Express speaks about Multimedia and Democracy.
  • Digital landscape in Southeast Asia is at a turning point. - Nielsen, 2011
  • Except for Indonesia, and Vietnam, people in Malaysia, Philippines, SIngapore and Thailand spend more time on the Internet per week.
  • Ravi is showing a video called "Did You Know". It proposes the use of the term BG like you would BC and AD. BG = Before Google.
  • More than 50% of people engage in parallel browsing. That's surfing the Internet with multiple tabs. How many tabs do you have open now?
  • Ravi Bajpai makes the case for multimedia journalism using stat on percentage of online viewers watching videos. 84.5% in SG, 79.7% in PH.
  • Look up the Northeast Exodus case study in India where misleading photos spread via Twitter caused panic and is seen as reason behind mass exodus.
  • Dr. Dave Clark of the Beijing Foreign Studies University speaks about multimedia stories and their role in building democratic societies.

  • DJ Clark: Technical Capital and Social Capital. Infrastructure: Printing Press, TV & Radio Studios, Radio Broadcast. vs Computer, Mobile Phone, Tablet.
  • DJ Clark: Social Capital is most important driving force that is going to create social change.
  • Since 2008, there has been an explosion on Weibo. The Chinese Twitter. Just like on Twitter, most stories break on Weibo in China. People tend to believe it over media.
  • iOS app which showed difference between US Embassy pollution reading in Beijing vs. Chinese government showed such a great discrepancy. Forcing the Chinese government to adjust its reporting. Today the reports are more or less the same.
  • Q&A session with speakers. Ravi Bakpai: Multimedia is important because of the way people access information is changing fast. It is important for Journalists to understand the requirement.
  • Lunch break now...we resume in an hour (1pm in Indonesia, 2pm MNL time). Next session will be about reporting disasters using multimedia.
  • Back now... Session 2 is about start.
  • Panelists are GMA Akash who is a photographer - turned multimedia journalist from Bangladesh. And Bert Apostol Executive Producer of ABS-CBN in the Philippines.
  • A short documentary by GMB Akash.

  • Bayan Mo Patrol Mo will go international next month starting with a Dubai launch. ~Bert Apostol
  • Bert Apostol: Challenges experience by BMPM. Verifying authenticity of photos, video and info.
  • Bert Apostol: Sometimes when reporters arrive at a disaster area ahead of government agencies, the public tends to assume that we always carry with us relief goods.
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